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ASDA Mechanical


What We Provide

We inspect and service all of your HVAC and plumbing systems on a regular basis to ensure their safe and efficient operation.  Our thorough and complete inspections will show you what needs to be done in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We make it easy to create budgets by supplying comprehensive reports on a regular basis.

ASDA provides a Spring shutdown service for your heating systems that include a full inspection of the equipment to identify any potential hazards that may exist.  From this, we produce budgets and repair schedules to be performed during the off-season.  We also do Fall start-up which includes checking safeties, cleaning the units and setting up controls.

All maintenance and repairs to your equipment is performed by fully certified service technicians.  This ensures that your systems are safe, well serviced and properly maintained.


The Benefits of Partnership

As an extension of your company, we have a vested interest in its success.  If you succeed, we succeed.

Here is how we can help:

  • We prepare complete and regularly updated surveys of all your properties and their equipment which are added to our online database.  This data is accessible by your staff at any time.
  • We supply yearly reports for property managers to assist in creating maintenance budgets for the coming year.
  • Your partnership with us allows you to incorporate a mechanical maintenance division into your current system without incurring the added expense of equipment and the trouble of hiring extra staff.
  • We track worn, outdated equipment and supply you with reports that include photo documentation, a quote for the repairs and a timeframe for their completion.
  • We monitor your buildings for potential problems so that they can be dealt with prior to becoming a major inconvenience to your tenants.
  • Many breakdowns can be anticipated and prevented before they occur saving time and money in emergency calls and there are fewer service calls due to remotely monitored and diagnosed equipment.
  • Our system helps you to avoid unnecessary maintenance and work that is performed is fully documented.
  • Most importantly, Your Peace of Mind.  You are our first priority. Our technicians can be easily contacted to provide fast, effective response, 24 hours a day.